As afro descendants from the Caribbean, we are bonded to Africa one way or another. Proud of our origins and our history, we decided to create our own Kemetic Bandana corresponding to the African art and culture that has an incredible richness, which gave birth to the KAMDANA®.

The word Kam meaning “Black” in ancient Egyptian and the word Dana meaning “bound” in Sanskrit (often used in the context of connection or union between different entities), it is starting from the word Bandana that we created this neologism which defines according to us “the union of all the melanoderms (melanated people) of the world” (knowing also that all the peoples were, initially melanoderms).

This design has a precise symbolism and numerology that leaves no room for chance. The Kamdana was designed in collaboration with a very talented Kenyan artist (@_igniatus_arts) who hand-drawn all of the different patterns from Ori Yoruba art. This ancestral art gives the Kamdana a real identity and uniqueness.

At our request, he also added carefully chosen symbols which make all the difference and which also have an educational mission: among others the Ankh that represents life or the word “ialou” (which means "paradise") in hieroglyphs (or Medou Neter).

The Bandana pattern originates from India but over time the Cowboys (colonizers who killed the native Americans) then gangs (from minorities who kill each other depending on their bandana colors) in the United States have reappropriated it.

Due to its new identity, the Kamdana allows us to emancipate ourselves from all the negative connotations of the Bandana in order to be able to breathe new energy and dynamics into this timeless accessory.

Our goal, as you have understood, is to bring through this creation a real renewal with an aesthetic design but also and above all a deep symbolism allowing us to reconnect with our history, as well as to honor our culture and our art.




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