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How to fold a Pirate Bandana by Kamdana


Did you know that pirates actually used bandanas to keep their eyes free from sweat and to prevent their long hair from getting tangled in the ropes? It was a practical and handy way for them to stay comfortable and safe during their seafaring adventures!

On the other hand, some historians argue that pirates didn't actually wear the bandana as a head covering, but rather around their necks for different purposes.

An interesting theory suggests that the popularity of bandanas among pirates in the Caribbean arose to shield their heads from the scorching rays of the rising sun on the ship's deck. It was a practical way to stay cool and protected during their daring adventures on the high seas!

Bandanas, with a history dating back centuries, hold the title of being one of the most versatile accessories you should definitely have in your wardrobe. They come to the rescue when you have a messy hairstyle or want to shield your freshly washed hair from the elements.

Patterned bandanas, especially when tied in a pirate style, can add a flattering touch to your look as they allow the print to stand out and perfectly complement your outfit. Embrace the Captain Jack Sparrow style for a day by slipping on a pirate bandana, and you'll surely steal the spotlight at your next costume party!


Here's how you can perfectly style your bandana with ease:

  • First, brush your hair away from your forehead. You can either opt for a center part or sweep your hair off your head to avoid it getting pushed into your eyes by the bandana.
  • Next, hold the scarf lengthwise, making sure it's at least 10 inches long to ensure the tail end stands out even after tying.
  • Position the longer side of the scarf directly in front of your hairline, placing it about an inch or two above your eyebrows.
  • Tilt your head slightly backward to allow the bandana fabric to cover your scalp comfortably.
  • Lastly, pull the ends of the bandana back to secure it in place. You can also pull the ends to the side, depending on your preferred style. 

Experiment and find the look that suits you best!


Creating your very own pirate bandana is a fantastic way to elevate your pirate costume for that upcoming costume party. Not only that, but it also serves as an excellent solution for covering your scalp during those "bad hair days" or keeping sweat away from your face and eyes while working outdoors.

Bandanas offer a budget-friendly option, available in a wide array of colors and prints to suit your style. For crafting your DIY bandana, opt for a lightweight fabric, especially 100% cotton, if you intend to use it as a sweatband:

  • Lay the lightweight fabric on a work surface and ensure it's smooth.
  • Measure a square with dimensions of 54 cm x 54 cm—this is the standard size for a bandana.
  • Mark the square using a pencil or colored marker, depending on your fabric's color.
  • Carefully cut out the square of bandana.

Now, you're all set to showcase your creativity and rock your custom-made pirate bandana! It's time to embrace the pirate spirit and have a blast at the party!

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